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addressing the united nations general assembly in new york. among the issues up for discussion are nuclear safety and peace in the middle east. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon opened the session wednesday by referring to the nuclear accident at the fukushima daiichi plant. >> nuclear accidents do not respect national borders. we need global action. we need strong international safety standards to prevent future disasters. >> u.s. president barack obama expressed his objections to palestinian's statehood bid for full u.n. membership. he said the country's independence will only be achieved through dialogue with israel and that there can be no shortcut. the debates at the assembly will continue until next tuesday. >>> top nuclear envoys from north and south korea have met for the first time in two months to discuss resuming the stalled six-party talks on the north's nuclear program. south korean delegate wi san nak and north korea's vice foreign minister ri yong ho met for three hours in beijing on wednesday. ri said the north must halt its uranium enrichment program and accept inspection
for new york to attend the united nations general assembly and other events. lawmakers from both the ruling and opposition parties question officials from the financial services commission over the recent savings banks scandal on the second day of the annual audits of government ministries. a report says north korea has carried out cyber attacks on south korea's national health and welfare database system more than 40 times this year. that's nearly four times the figure in 2010. and standard and poor's cuts italy's long and short-term sovereign debt ratings by one notch citing the country's weakening growth prospects. hello and welcome. in seoul,... i'm eoh jin- joo. and i'm devin whiting. president lee myung-bak left for the united states on tuesday... to attend the un general assembly... as well as a high-level nuclear safety meeting in new york. on the sidelines of the meetings,... president lee will hold summit talks with other heads of state and make a stop in seattle before returning home on saturday. arirang's yoo ji-hae tells us more. president lee myung-bak left for new
at the united nations general assembly meeting in new york. they say they will make a bid for u.n. membership this week as planned. u.s. president barack obama is trying to convince them to put their request on hold. obama delivered a speech wednesday at the general assembly. he said there is no shortcut to resolving decades-long conflict in the middle east and argued the palestinians should first return to peace talks before applying for u.n. membership. obama then met separately with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin nettia hue. before that meeting an adviser to the palestinian president said abbas won't back down. >> he has to give it a serious try. if we fail, we have to keep knocking at the door of that organization. >> abbas is expected to file membership request on friday. leaders of south american nainrastesre voicing their support. the issue has sparked vigorous debate at the u.n. and around the world. >>> obama also talked about the so-called arab spring in his speech for the u.n. general assembly. he hailed a pro-democracy movement in middle ea
united nations general assembly has opened in new york. world leaders are calling for action on the global debt crisis, renew efforts for boosting economic growth and ending a stalemate in the middle east. if the real showdown is expected on friday when palestinians submitted their bid for full u.n. membership. brazil, in keeping with tradition, kick off the annual debate. >> an historic moment as a result of the president became the first woman to open the general debate. >> this is the voice of democracy. [applause] i am convinced that this will be the century of women. >> they will come to the newest un member states. she said she hoped to welcome the palestinians as well. she said it was time for them to be given full membership. but the u.s. and israel are strongly opposed. washington will veto any membership bid. president obama repeated his warning against unilateral moves by the palestinians. if he called for resumption of direct peace talks between the sides. >> i am convinced that there is no shortcut to the end of a conflict that has endured for decades. it peas is
's speech to the united nations general assembly... at half past midnight thursday, korea time,... 3:30 p.m. wednesday, gmt and 11:30 a.m. eastern. the two koreas' efforts in beijing to create an agreeable atmosphere... to reopen the six-party nuclear talks have failed. the top negotiators, however, said they saw the discussions as positive. arirang's choi you-sun has the details. the two koreas, yet again, were unsuccessful to agree on the resumption of the six-party talks to denuclearize north korea. but the chief negotiators from both sides have called wednesday's talks in beijing "constructive" and "useful," in resolving the north's nuclear issue through the multilateral dialogue, involving the two koreas, the us, china, russia and japan. following the meeting held in bali two months ago, south korea's top nuclear envoy wi sung -lac and his north korean counterpart ri yong-ho held two rounds of discussions in beijing, where wi laid out a set of pre-dialogue conditions, endorsed by the south, the us and japan. the trilateral demands include the north halting its uranium enrichment prog
to visit the united states on september 20th... to attend the united nations general assembly... and a high -level nuclear safety city... and also stop by seattle on the way back... for a meeting with korean residents there. during his three-day stay in new york,... president lee is to make an official visit to the un headquarters,... celebrating korea's 20th anniversary since joining the organization,... and deliver a keynote speech at the 66th un general assembly. there, he is expected to express korea's commitment to support the un's efforts to promote peace and security, democracy, and human rights,... while proposing his vision on pursuing "ecosystemic development" internationally. ecosystemic development is a new model for market economy president lee proposed in his liberation day speech on august 15th... referring to narrowing the social gap, instead of increasing it, and seeking a humane society in which people embrace each other. the korean leader will also attend a dinner hosted by un secretary-general ban ki-moon... to exchange views on current international issues and pending m
will also be in the us next week to attend the united nations general assembly... and a high -level nuclear safety meeting in new york city... and also stop by seattle on the way back... for a meeting with korean residents there. stand-up "korea's top office said... president lee's state visit to the us will serve as an opportunity for the two nations to further enhance their alliance... as it will take place at a time... when the relations are stronger than ever based on the trust and cooperation between the two leaders. yoo ji-hae, arirang us deputy defense secretary nominee ashton carter claims... north korea's missile and wmd programs pose a direct and serious threat to washington's allies... and have the potential to be a direct threat to the us homeland. kim yeon-ji reports. deputy defense secretary nominee ashton carter has stressed that north korea's missiles and wmd programs pose a direct and serious threat to washington and its allies. in a written statement to congress ahead of a confirmation hearing at the senate armed services committee on tuesday, carter said the us must close
for new york tuesday... to attend the united nations general assembly and other events. upon his arrival on wednesday, korea time... president lee will receive the world statesman award presented by the appeal of conscience foundation... for his contribution to world peace, democracy and human rights. he will also make an official visit to the un headquarters... and deliver a keynote speech at the 66th un general assembly. on thursday... president lee is to make another keynote speech at a high-level nuclear safety meeting... aimed at discussing measures to ensure nuclear safety... and elaborating on the significance... of the upcoming 2012 nuclear security summit slated to be held in seoul. after wrapping up his new york trip... the korean leader will visit seattle to meet with korean residents there... before arriving samsung electronics' laptop computers have been winning excellent consumer reviews in the united states. consumer reports... a monthly magazine published by the us consumers union... has selected samsung's qx411 model and a computer made by hewlett packard as the best 14
york this week. palestinian leaders will ask the united nations to recognize their territory as an independent state. the u.n. general assembly debate starts wednesday. palestinian prime minister met on sunday with western financial supporters. his delegation submitted a report describing the israeli occupation as the biggest obstacle to statehood. he told reporters it was vital for the international community to recognize palestine as a full u.n. member. israel strongly opposes the idea. it said in its report that mutual dialogue is the only way to resolve the issues. the israeli foreign minister said making them a u.n. member would destabilize an already unstable region. mahmoud abbas willow pose it being recognized as independent state in a speech scheduled for friday. >>> one of japan's giants mitsubishi heavy industry detected a computer virus at 11 sites producing defense and nuclear equipment in august. it's investigating the possibility of a cyber attack. the company says virus found on 83 servers and personal computers was designed to steal data from the company's in
leader also delivered a keynote speech to a high-level united nations meeting on nuclear safety. arirang's yoo ji-hae reports from new york. president lee myung-bak addressed the un general assembly on wednesday... pledging korea's support in realizing the world body's efforts in achieving international peace, democracy and "ecosystemic development." during his 20-minute keynote speech, president lee positively reviewed the recent spread of pro- democracy movements in north africa and the middle east... saying that the tide of democratization is unstoppable in the 21st century. korean "democracy y is a viclelelel together the basic values of humanity such as freedom and equality, human rights and the rule of law. the people's demand for democracy is their legitimate right, and the international community and the un must do all they can to protect these people from persecution and human rights abuses." " , , . , ." in regards to north korea's nuclear threat, lee called it a big challenge to global peace... and said that the south will continue its diplomatic efforts to pursue the denuclea
their fractured territory called a country. now their leader is going to make a request for the united nations to grant palestine statehood. president mahmoud abbas is expected to submit a formal application for u.n. membership on friday to secretary-general ban ki-moon. he's then scheduled to make a speech before the general assembly to call for international support. israel expressed criticism of the move saying it could destroy past agreements made in middle east peace talks. u.s. president barack obama expressed opposition when he met with president abbas on wednesday in new york. he said the framework of mideast peace talks could collapse. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is focusing on the future. >> regardless of what happens tomorrow in the united nations, we remain focused on the day after. we will leave, know, no effort or stone unturned in our commitment to the achieving that. >> the u.s. is continuing its efforts to dissuade the palestinians from applying for u.n. membership. >>> people around the world are keeping their eyes on the sky in the coming hours. pieces of a u.s.
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11

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